Eurfryn Lewis  

Originally from Tregaron, Eurfryn studied at Carmarthen School of Art, and then completed a Fine Art degree at UWIC, specialising in printmaking.

Eurfryn is primarily a Printmaker but uses several different techniques in his work including charcoal drawing, oil painting and mixed media. Although his themes vary, the influence of his strong Welsh heritage is paramount. He depicts the Welsh people of rural Ceredigion, male voice choirs and rugby.

Eurfryn says of his work: "I love producing the work, and am always pleased when people feel they can relate to the pictures. The images are a celebration of Wales as I see it today and stem from my own personal experiences in the rural hinterland, in choral performances and on the rugby field!”


Wrexham Print International Award Winner 2011


National Library of Wales; Government Art Collection

Exhibition Catalogue - September 2015