Oliver Gaiger  

Oliver Gaiger was born in 1972 in Uganda and grew up in Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, The Falkland Islands and Cornwall. He gained a BA Hons in Illustration from Middlesex University. Since 2006 he has lived in the Cambrian Mountains near Cardigan. 

The cultures and landscapes of such varied locations have served to influence his work and he has been inspired by signs, symbols and patterns found in the natural and man-made environment. 

Influenced by indigenous African and Oceanic art from the places where he spent his childhood, he also draws clear parallels with artists such as William Scott, Patrick Heron and sculptor Alexander Calder.

"My work represents the elemental detail of objects or living things in this wild and varied landscape. It is not purely abstract but rather semi-abstract in this respect, as I explore the space between abstraction and figuration.”