Louise  Young  


Louise Young was born in South West Scotland but has lived and worked in Cardiff since arriving there in the late seventies to attend Cardiff College of Art.

In 2004, she spent a year studying Botanical painting at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London, but has gradually widened her range and she now considers herself to be an artist who makes still life paintings of ‘natural objects’.

The subjects of her paintings usually come from a lucky find whilst walking, or the juxtaposition of objects that triggers a memory of a place, or simply a shell, a feather or a flower with an intriguing surface pattern or subtle colour. She is interested in trying to convey something of the wonder that these sometimes minute objects invoke in her: “Favourites in my collection get painted and repainted.”She uses highly traditional techniques including watercolour on vellum to produce paintings of natural and botanical subjects in a contemporary style. Although she works in a such a traditional medium, she hopes the images have a timeless quality.