Meirion Ginsberg  b.1985


Meirion Ginsberg was born in 1985 in North Wales and trained at Cardiff College of Art. He says of his work:

As a child, cartoons and comics became a drive for me to take drawing seriously.  As well as this I was raised in a family of painters and musicians.  Drawing became a priority which sometimes or most times became more important than friends, and from a young age I started to become fluent with mark making.  In my teens the attraction of comics began to wear thin, partly because of ridiculous story lines that I never really was interested in.

Application and mark making became the interest or factors I was looking for in painting, learning a lot from ‘The Great Artists’ series, to which my father subscribed.  Norman Rockwell and Frances Bacon became my favourite painters. Even today I use elements of these two artists, although my knowledge and influence has expanded from the days of finding these treasures.

Humour plays a big part in my work, but this seems to be mellowed by the intuitive construction of my paintings.  I am a strong believer in improvisation and risk taking, which are two strong elements in my mind that strengthen my ideas and skill. In university I tried to move away from the traditional, but always seemed to come back to it in subtle ways.  Versatility plays a big part in my work and hopefully will continue to do so".