Figures with Bird - Meirion Ginsberg

Current Exhibition

Meirion Ginsberg - New Paintings

1 February 2018 - 24 February 2018

Meirion Ginsberg was born in 1985 in North Wales and trained at Cardiff College of Art.

As a child Meirion was inspired to pick up a pencil and draw from cartoons and comics. In his teens, he became interested in mark making and learned much from studying his favorite painters, Francis Bacon and Norman Rockwell.

He says, ‘Humour plays a big part in my work, but this seems to be mellowed by the intuitive construction of my paintings.  I am a strong believer in improvisation and risk taking, which are two strong elements in my mind that strengthen my ideas and skill. In university, I tried to move away from the traditional, but always seemed to come back to it in subtle ways.  Versatility plays a big part in my work’.

This new body of 20 works confirms Meirion Ginsberg's status as one of Wales’ most exciting young figurative artists. 

The work is for sale. Collectorplan is available.


Opening hours

Monday-Thursday, 10:00 -18:00

Other times by appointment.



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