Bro Waldo II - Mary Lloyd Jones RCA FLSW

Current Exhibition


8 November 2017 - 25 November 2017

Martin Tinney Gallery has been exhibiting Mary Lloyd Jones’ work for 25 years. Now in her ninth decade, she is one of Wales’ most established artists. Mary was born in Devil’s Bridge in 1934 and trained at Cardiff College of Art. Inspired by landscape as a little girl working on the land with her parents, she has always known home is truly where the heart is. Her work is a celebration of the rural environment and her roots.

"My aim is that my work should reflect my relationship with the land, an awareness of history, and the treasures of our literary and oral traditions. I search for devices that will enable me to create multilayered images. This has led to my involvement with the beginnings of language, early man made marks and the Ogham and Bardic alphabets." 

Mary has exhibited regularly since the 1960’s throughout the UK and internationally, including a touring exhibition in China in 2009. Her work is in many public and private collections. She is an Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, Carmarthen and the University of Aberystwyth, and has an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Wales, Cardiff. As Artist in Residence, she has worked for periods in Ireland, Philadelphia and Vermont in the U.S.A. 

This latest exhibition consisting of approximately 30 new paintings. Mary Lloyd Jones explores the traces left by our ancestors, the fields & hillsides, and the scars left behind by the lead-mining industry. These vibrant, energetic and colourful works combine to create a luminous exhibition that shows Mary still at the height of her powers in her 83rd year.


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