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Mary Lloyd Jones - New Paintings at 85 / Paentiadau Newydd yn 85oed

5 Medi 2019 - 26 Medi 2019

Mary Lloyd Jones is one of Wales’ most popular and distinguished artists. Born in Devil’s Bridge in 1934, Mary trained at Cardiff College of Art. She is inspired by the Welsh landscape and, in particular, the man-made marks on that landscape. Her bold expressionist paintings are noted for their use of vibrant and rich colour. 

‘Developing a personal layered language in response to particular locations is the foundation of my work. My awareness of belonging to a minority has strengthened over more than half a century and has led to many of the expressions present in this recent work. I use Ogham carvings, the bardic Alphabet according to Iolo Morgannwg, letter forms, and handwriting as expressed in the words of favourite Welsh poets. To this I now add a new perspective based on maps and more recently images photographed from drones. Trawsfynydd was used as firing land for the Army from 1903, leaving geometric marks on the landscape which I contrast with the words of Hedd Wyn and geological formations. In addition I have been influenced by the philosopher JR Jones who made a strong connection between the land and the language associated with it.’

Mary has exhibited her work regularly since the mid 60s in Wales, other parts of the UK and internationally. Her work was selected to take part in a touring exhibition in China in the spring of 2009 and she was also invited to take part in the Wales Smithsonian Festival in Washington DC in the summer of 2009. Her work is in numerous public and private collections. Mary is an Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, Carmarthen and the University of Aberystwyth, and has an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Wales, Cardiff. As Artist in Residence she has worked for periods in Ireland; Philadelphia and Vermont in the U.S.A; Rajasthan, India; Adria in Italy; Catalunya; Scotland and Brittany.  

Mary Lloyd Jones has been exhibiting with Martin Tinney Gallery since 1992. This will be her eleventh solo exhibition in the Cardiff gallery and celebrates her 85th birthday. The exhibition consists of approximately 32 paintings, many based on images taken from a drone. The work shows Mary’s unique exploration of the Welsh landscape and her remarkable energy and vibrancy.

Mary was featurned on S4C Heno (start 30 min in) - click here to view.

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