Amie Haslen b.1991

Amie Haslen has recently graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BA in Fine Art.

"My two main ways of working are painting and printmaking. I try and link them together as much as possible and also try to link different forms of printmaking by, creating hybrid prints (for example using lithographic and relief methods in one print). My current prints are very much inspired by the Welsh landscape. All the views that I have chosen to depict in my prints are locations that are meaningful, in terms of identity and sense of place. They are places I have known well, discovered and love dearly. I like to depict the beautiful patterns of landscape and the striking shapes of nature. Always starting with drawings made on location, prints are planned and built up through layers of colour and developed through a combination of relief printing, wood engraving and lithography techniques. The inherent qualities of my materials are exploited to create dramatic and expressive images. I love the manual side of printmaking, such as the physical act of cutting a woodblock; it helps me to feel very connected to my work. I have been influenced by artists such as Colin See-Paynton, Kim Atkinson, Robert Greenhalf and Robert Tavener"